Commencing in 2008 with just an action plan in a white paper with a layout plan by the architecture & a crystal clear focus on fulfilling the dream of our visionary ‘DR. NALINAKSHA BISWAS’ we started our journey for the noble cause. By the end of 2010, we acquired 16 Acres of land at Prasadpur village just 20 km from the outskirts of Kolkata metropolitan city. Here we constructed a 3 Storied building with 9000 Sq. ft. in each floor, as our 1st Mother House for the Orphans, which we named as ‘ANANDA BHAVAN’.

Abiding with the desire by our visionary, we constructed the building with Green Building Concept, which gives a wide range of revenue savings & power consumption. In summer, when the outside temperature is 45 degree Celsius, the inside temperature is a cool 32 degree Celsius as if the fan itself gives us a feeling of air conditioning. During the monsoons it is the same. Again in winters, when the outside temperature is 14 degree Celsius the inside temperature is a warm 23 degree Celsius. Thus, the children do not have to use quilts or blankets. This concept is unique, not only in West Bengal but possibly in the whole of India. We have installed 3.5 kwp Solar Power Generating System at the roof top of Ananda Bhavan to reduce the cost of electricity.

Started with the first batch of 7 orphans & single parent children in January 2012, now we are serving 44 destitute Orphans at our facility in Ananda Bhavan, as on date. They now speak, read & write in English, Bengali and sing Rabindra Sangeet, play Harmonium & Tablas, do Recitation & Stage Acts with full confidence. All the 44 children are studying in (IIMC) Netaji Subhas Pathbhavan under the syllabus of W.B.B.S.E. curriculum with all the compulsory assessments as per the W.B.B.S.E. norms. In the final examination of 2015, 18 out of 30 children has obtained excellent marks (90%and above). All of them are now promoted in their new classes. During these years the children have adopted various skills. Some are good in art & craft, music, dance while other are good in sports, gymnastics and with these skills they have performed remarkably in various events.

After the long efforts, the foundation has launched its school in the name of South Calcutta Public School which follows C.B.S.E. curriculum. The classes started from January 2016 and the school is presently running till 7th standard. 30 children from the junior batch of Ananda Bhavan are enrolled in this school and they are studying in Jr. Kg, Sr. Kg. & Class-I to IV.

The CSR of Deloitte Shared Services Pvt. Ltd. had partnered with the project to financially assist the cost to take responsibility of 15 destitute children in the year 2016.

Since inception Dr. N Biswas and UK trust Biswas Foundation are continuously supporting our charitable activities which include both capital and revenue expenditure of our Indian trust.