A loved, educated and happy child in TBEF has a real chance to succeed !

We plan our exploration agenda well in advance. We are ready with our plan of action for the upcoming years ahead. Now as the time goes we are just into the completion of the second Mother House (to be named as 'SHANTI BHAVAN') shall be fully ready by February 2014 & so on slowly & gradually another process of building four more such Houses each of which will accommodate 45 children adding 450 children to our family, follows thereon....

Every Mother House will have three floors. Each floor will accommodate 15 children. These children will be taken care of by one Mother and two Care Givers. The children will stay in their respective Mother houses till they are promoted to Class VII. After Class VII when they are self sufficient and are able to take care of themselves, they will be shifted to our free residential hostel where they will continue to stay till they complete their 12th standard. We will also provide vocational training to the academically weaker children. the training will be imparted at our residential workshop so that they are well equipped when they leave our facility. Each child will attend our in-campus school from their respective Mother houses.

To make TBEF strong enough in it’s endeavors, it has now become necessary to be self sustaining too. Our prime focus is now to build a boarding Sr. Secondary School with One Lac Sq. Ft. space & a hostel for children of poor widowed mothers and orphans belonging to the under privileged section of the society.