A loved, educated and happy child in TBEF has a real chance to succeed !

We plan our exploration agenda well in advance. We are ready with our plan of action for the upcoming years ahead.

To make TBEF strong enough in its endeavors, it has now become necessary to be self-reliant.

Keeping this in mind we have modified our second building “Shanti Bhawan” and is now utilized as a primary school of South Calcutta Public School (SCPS), following CBSE curriculum, which is a unit of The Biswas Educational Foundation.

The Trust has allotted 8.5 Acres of land for School. The portion of the land will be utilized for the construction of a 70,000 Sq. Ft. Senior Secondary School building and the rest will be reserve for play ground, parking lot for the school bus/vehicles.

Our visionary Dr. Biswas and our Trustees have taken a new initiative to build a Hospital for wellness of the surrounding localities where they planned to keep 40% free bed for those who are cannot afford proper treatment.