Unlike the mission statement, the operating principles are periodically reviewed to ensure they remain up-to-date, relevant and accurate. We are committed to find the greatest injustices in the nearby surroundings of our home, city or village and work towards bringing relief to those living under its oppression--especially orphans, street children, and the children belonging to the weaker section of the society. We keep track of such misfortune children anywhere nearby our place & rescue them from being exploited as soon as we are informed.

We pick up children especially those down trodden ones. The children are inducted at the age of 6+ and will stay with us till they have completed their 12th Standard.

Apart from this, we also work on other charitable heads as below :


The Biswas Educational Foundation has set up a free medical check-up centre with supply of free medicine which operates on weekly basis. This facility was introduced in the year 2010. An MBBS doctor has been appointed for this purpose who is assisted by a trained nurse.
The free medical facility is available once a week. Most of the beneficiaries are senior citizens and little children. The number of patients benefited per month is around 110.
Donation received from The Biswas Foundation, Leeds UK has been utilized in executing the above stated activities.


At present we have 44 orphans and single parent children in our orphanage. These children being the first generation learner they were never sent to any school before their induction to our orphanage.

Now these 44 children are studying in school in different standards(class). The first batch of 14 boys and girls are in Class-VIII at Ramkamal Bidyapith at Kalikapur and two girl children are studying in Basanti Devi Girls School under WBBSE curriculum. Another 30 children are studying in Nursery, Sr.Kg, Jr.Kg and class – I to IV in South Calcutta Public School under CBSE curriculum which is an English medium school run by the foundation and is inside our premises.
Recently (2018) the children took part in a science workshop” Einstein Hunt”, organized by Cognizant Outreach.  More than 30 orphanage homes had participated in that workshop. Children from our orphanage had exhibited their potentials in various activities like hydraulic bridge, periscope in this workshop.

The photographs below show the children receiving Certificates from the organizer and among them the girl, Sudeshna Kule as can be seen from the photograph below ranked first out of 110 Students. She came to our orphanage in the year 2012 from the coastal region of Sundarbans. This year (2019) too they had participated and managed to receive many prizes.

The 1st batch children of Ananda Bhavan are also been taught to make hand made cloth bags, salwar kameez etc every Sunday which all of the students are enjoying thoroughly. Apart from this our children are also engaged in music, Tabla and physical training (3 days in a week).

Like last year, this year too, two boys and a girl have got chance in district Sports and state sports championship after a stiff competition with many other boys and girls.


We make use of the vacant strips of land in our project area for farming. Interestingly, in return we get various types of vegetables, oil from bright yellow sunflowers and a couple of sacks of rice without using a pinch of harmful chemical fertilizer. All the produce that we get from this farming are used up in the kitchen of our orphanage of the foundation. The children of our orphanage are very much interested in agricultural activities like preparing vermicompost.


We believe in giving appropriate home sizes in order to create a family-like atmosphere. This allows the housemother & caregivers to give personal attention to each child, to make sure that all needs are met, and each child feels special.

Our mother house is a 3-Storeyed building. Each floor accommodates 15 children. At present we are maintaining 44 orphan children. These children are being taken care of by 1 Mother, four Care givers, two attendants and two cooks. We provide relevant space to each child in classroom, bedroom & playground to enable him or her to grow open & grow up with enough confidence & dedication.

Special attention is given towards the Child handling & caring part too. We maintain a calculated ratio of Mother & Teacher versus child to ensure that they are attended with equal importance together.
All Govt. rules and regulations are followed & maintained with regular reviews by the Project Incharge & TRUSTEE Board. Regular visits are conducted by the concerned Govt. officials too. We submit the details of the children to the local Government bodies and Police Stations and keep updating the same from time to time.

The children are taught in an extremely homely atmosphere, so as to make them feel secured & affectionate towards the other fellow member sharing the facility together. They are being bought up in a disciplined schedule everyday from morning 5:45 A.M. till 9:30 P.M. at night in the weekdays, correspondingly as mentioned below :

Drinking Water, Going to Toilet, Tooth Brush, Eating Peanuts, Meditation, Exercise, Prayer, Breakfast, Drinking Water, Toilet, Get ready to attend School, Return from School, Lunch, Drinking water, Get back to room, Drinking water, Games, fruits, ready for Drawing or Music Class as per schedule, Drinking water, Evening snacks with health drink, Finish Homework, make your bed, dinner, drinking water, toilet, tooth brush, go to bed. We have our own dairy farm through which each children gets to consume 200 ml of milk everyday. Each children consumes 5 eggs in a week which is donated by the company “TOTAL”.

Thanks to our highly devoted & dedicated House Mother & Care Givers, who deliver their cent percent to help the children learn the lesson of being self dependence, cleanliness, sacrifice, loyalty & finishing their homework in time too. The senior children are trained in various routine works on Sundays, such as gardening, dusting of individual book shelf, nail cutting & shoe polishing.

Every last date of the month is a common birthday celebration for those who have their birthdays in the following month. We organize various events of Annual Function & Sports meet to encourage the children and meet the level of competency in extracurricular activities too & also present them in public to show their progress & avail their right to establish in the common stream of the society. Volunteers of the Cognizant outreach visit Ananda Bhavan every Saturday for the last 3 years in order to train the children in computer practical and spoken English too.

FACULTY - Our teachers are trained and highly experienced. They are experts in the field of child handling and training. Besides having academic excellence they also have a passion for teaching and that’s what makes them more approachable to children and helps them to explore learning in a more enjoyable way.

We have separate teachers for all subjects including music, dance, yoga, physical training, drawing, art & craft.

The total student strength of SCPS is 233 where students from remote villages (approximately 22 km) come to study. The school is running successfully because of the constant support by our Board of trustee.


A loved, educated and happy child in TBEF has a real chance to succeed!

We plan our exploration agenda well in advance. We are ready with our plan of action for the upcoming years ahead.

Once the construction of the school (yet unfinished) is fully complete it can be easily upgraded upto 10th standard and subsequently to 12th standard in future.  
Presently the school is running temporarily in Shanti Bhavan. Hopefully we’ll be shifting our school at the proposed new building next year, 2020. The school is built on an area 8.5 acres of land. We are working on its expansion programme. The school campus is presently under construction and thus will be into its full shape of 80000sq.ft within few years.

Slowly & gradually another process of building four more such Houses each of which will accommodate 45 children adding 450 children to our family, follows there on.

Every Mother House will have three floors. Each floor will accommodate 15 children. These children will be taken care of by one Mother and two Care Givers. The children will stay in their respective Mother houses till they are promoted to Class VII. After Class VII when they are self sufficient and are able to take care of themselves, they will be shifted to our free residential hostel where they will continue to stay till they complete their 12th standard. We will also provide vocational training to the academically weaker children. The training will be imparted at our residential workshop so that they are well equipped when they leave our facility. Each child will attend our in-campus school from their respective Mother houses.

To make TBEF strong enough in its endeavors, it has now become necessary to be self sustaining too. Our prime focus is now to build a boarding Sr. Secondary School with 80000 sq. ft space & a hostel for children of poor widowed mothers and orphans belonging to the under privileged section of the society.

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