Name : Akash Sarkar
Age : 7 yrs
Blood Group : O+
Weight : 20Kg
Weight as on 25.03.2014 : 25.700kg
Height : 1175cms
Mother's Name : Late Ratna Sarkar
Father's Name : Amit Kumar Sarkar (Abandoned the child)
Grandmother's Name : Shanti Sarkar (Guardian)
Source : Dakshin Sangur,
P.O. : Kustia, P.S. - Sonarpur,
Dist. : South 24 Parganas.
Date of induction : 6th January, 2012

History :
Ratna Sakar lived with her husband in South Sangur but died at childbirth due to a malignant tumor in the abdomen in 2006.Immediately after her death, Amit Kumar Sarkar abandoned the son and married again and settled down near Delhi and has not been in touch with his family for the last five years.Akash was being raised by her Grandmother who found it extremely difficult to raise the child as she had no fixed source of income.We have taken responsibility to raise her grandson, Akash, at our facility.