Name : Deep Majumdar
Age : 6 yrs
Blood Group : B+
Weight : 15.5kg
Weight as on 25.03.2014 : 20.000kg
Height :
Mother's Name : Deepa Majumdar
Father's Name : Late Monotosh Majumdar
Source :
Date of induction : 6th Jan,2012
Date of induction : 19th June,2012

History :
Monotosh Majumdar owned a cigarette shop at Garia.He fell severely ill and lost his shop.When he recovered a little, he started working as a caretaker of a building and somehow pulled the family.Eventually he fell ill again and was paralyzed and subsequently died four years back.He left behind his wife: Deepa who works as a house maid and lives in tali shaded one room offered to her by a well wisher and a son: Deep – aged six years who stays with her.They stay at Mahamayatala, PO Garia, PS Garia, Kolkata – 84.