Name : Subhash Purkait
Age : 6 yrs
Blood Group : B+
Weight : 14kg
Weight as on 25.03.2014 : 20.000kg
Height : 950cms
Mother's Name : Sushmita Purkait
Father's Name : Late Bhutnath Purkait
Source : Pratapnagar Gram Panchayat
Date of induction : 6th January, 2012

History :
Bhutnath Purkait died of Snake Bite in 2007.After his death Sushmita’s in-laws have discarded her and she now lives in Navasan on her own.She works as a farmer on leased land where she is required to work only for six months in a year and she earns a paltry Rs. 2500.00 per month for these six months.Apart from Subhash, she has three more children: a daughter of 18 yrs and two sons of 13 yrs and 10 yrs respectively.We have taken responsibility to raise the youngest son, Subhash, at our facility.