Name : Sudeshna Kule
Age : 6 yrs
Blood Group : A+
Weight : 19kg
Weight as on 25.03.2014 : 25.400kg
Height :
Mother's Name : Tulsi Kule
Father's Name : Late Krishna Kule
Source :
Date of induction : 19th June,2012

History :
Krishna Kule, also known as Kista Kule, was an agricultural laborer and worked the fields of others at a nominal income.One day he and committed suicide by drinking poison.He left behind his wife, Tulsi and four daughters (eldest being fourteen years and the youngest being six and a half years).They reside in: Vill. Kulepara, PO Urelchandpur, PS Mograhat, Dist: 24 Parganas (South).