Name : Sudip Dey
Age : 7 yrs
Blood Group : O+
Weight : 23kg
Weight as on 25.03.2014 : 25.700kg
Height :
Mother's Name : Shila Dey (Presently suffering from terminal cancer)
Father's Name : Late Nimai Dey
Source :
Date of induction : 6th Jan,2012
Date of induction : 19th June,2012

History :
Nimai Dey died of severe heart attack four years back.He left behind his wife Shila and their two sons.After his death his wife also started suffering from terminal cancer.Though she is still alive, Doctors have said that she will not survive more than a couple of months.Hearing this her parents have taken her back to Bangladesh.The children are staying at Amraberia Laskarpara at Canning.They are staying with someone in the village named Niranjan Saha and Jhantu Saha.